Advocates File Lawsuit over the use of Damrosch Park

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310WDamrosch Park is an essential part of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; this park is now used to accommodate New York Fashion Week, The Big Apple Circus and other private events. New York Fashion Week was held at Bryant Park since 1993, but in the fall of 2010, it has moved to Lincoln Center. Local Residents and Park Advocates are not pleased with giving up their park 10 months out of the year to accommodate these events. During these events local residents are restricted to certain areas of the park; there are large tents and private security guards. Continue reading

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First Annual Research Expo at NYU-Poly

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310WIn Downtown Brooklyn’s MetroTech Plaza, students and faculty members gathered for  Polytechnic Institute of New York University’s First Annual Research Expo. This event was open to the public, so anyone that was just walking by could come and check it out.  The displays included research projects and developments that would help with energy-efficient materials, health care projects, robotic devices and software applications. Continue reading

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Miles Davis is Honored at his Former Home

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Cultural Medallion for Miles Davis

Miles Davis was an American Jazz Musician and trumpeter; he is considered one of the most significant jazz musicians of the 20th century. NYC Landmarks 50 Advisory Committee honored Miles Davis with a cultural medallion. This cultural medallion was placed at Davis’ former Upper West Side home at 312 West 77th St. He bought the home in 1958 and lived there for 25 years; in this home he composed many of his greatest hits. Continue reading

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Research In Moldova

LaChanda Moor, KrystalBella Murname-Victorelli and Irene Hanna

Research Day gives students and faculty the opportunity to present their ideas and projects they have been working on. The 4th Annual Student Research Day was held on Thursday, April 18th at York College

Professor. Vadim Moldovan and other students from the Social Sciences Department gave a presentation on Multiple Psycho-Social Research Measures of Alienation: Student Research in Social Work. This research was based on children who were between the ages of 3-15. The children were either orphaned or abandoned in Moldova. Professor Moldovan explained that this program gives students the opportunity to study abroad and also earn up to 12 credits in one month. He said “this program was initiated last summer and it’s the first genuine study abroad.” Continue reading

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STD Presentation by The Nursing Program Students

April is STD Awareness Month, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventation (CDC) 20 million new STDs occur each year. Two thirds of all individuals with STDs are between the ages of 15-24. This means that college students are mostly at risk of contracting an STD because of high risk behaviors that they engage in and not thinking about the consequences of their actions.

The Nursing Program at York College had a presentation on Sexually Transmitted Diseases on Wednesday, April 17th. The nurses that were giving the presentation were students from the college that were in the Nursing Program working on their Degree. Every Wednesday the Nursing Program students present a different topic on health, some other topics that they have previously presented on are stress management, obesity, stroke prevention and breast cancer detection. Continue reading

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Was Martin Luther King’s Assassination a Conspiracy?

Did James Earl Ray kill Martin Luther King? Many people still believe that this was a conspiracy by the government. James Earl Ray was an escaped convict; he didn’t have the capacity or connections to commit such a crime by himself. There are many theories that this was all a conspiracy by the government to silence the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King was a leader of the people and he wanted equality for all. This was a man that stood for non-violence and his life ended with someone shooting him. Continue reading

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Todd Maisel Visits York College


Todd Maisel talks about Hurricane Sandy

Award winning photojournalist Todd Maisel visited York College on Thursday March 21st. Maisel currently works for the New York Daily News as a photographer. In addition he is also National Director of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). Maisel has been a photographer for 28 years and is very dedicated to his profession. For someone that has been working for 28 years as a photographer he is still enthusiastic and committed. Continue reading

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