Was Martin Luther King’s Assassination a Conspiracy?

Did James Earl Ray kill Martin Luther King? Many people still believe that this was a conspiracy by the government. James Earl Ray was an escaped convict; he didn’t have the capacity or connections to commit such a crime by himself. There are many theories that this was all a conspiracy by the government to silence the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King was a leader of the people and he wanted equality for all. This was a man that stood for non-violence and his life ended with someone shooting him.

Some theories state that James Earl Ray was a scapegoat; there were other agencies and bureaus behind this assassination. The gun that Ray used didn’t match the bullet that killed Martin Luther King; this is just one flaw in the evidence that was provided. According to the documentary, numerous witnesses said that the shot was fired from the bushes below the balcony not from the window of the rooming house where Ray was staying. J. Edgar Hoover could also have played a part in Dr. King’s assassination because he was constantly checking up on him and he undermined his abilities.  Hoover had Dr. King’s phone tapped and would have his agency constantly check up on Dr. King’s finances. He could have easily conspired with other agencies to have Dr. King assassinated.

James Earl Ray died April 23, 1998 in prison from Hepatitis C. When Ray was arrested he confessed to killing Dr. King, but later claimed he was innocent and even hinted to a conspiracy plot. It could have been a plot by Ray and his two brothers to collect the bounty from the Ku Klux Klan or the White Knights of Mississippi. It also could have been that the government just wanted Dr. King silenced and they made Ray take the blame for the assassination. There are many theories out there and we will never know for sure who killed Dr. King, it’s what you choose to believe and the evidence that is presented.

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