Research In Moldova

LaChanda Moor, KrystalBella Murname-Victorelli and Irene Hanna

Research Day gives students and faculty the opportunity to present their ideas and projects they have been working on. The 4th Annual Student Research Day was held on Thursday, April 18th at York College

Professor. Vadim Moldovan and other students from the Social Sciences Department gave a presentation on Multiple Psycho-Social Research Measures of Alienation: Student Research in Social Work. This research was based on children who were between the ages of 3-15. The children were either orphaned or abandoned in Moldova. Professor Moldovan explained that this program gives students the opportunity to study abroad and also earn up to 12 credits in one month. He said “this program was initiated last summer and it’s the first genuine study abroad.”

Irene Hanna talking about her experience in Moldova

Irene Hanna, a Social Work major talked about her experience in Moldova last summer, she said “it was a cultural experience, an enriching academic experience, a transforming personal experience.” She was working in the Children’s Center, with the kids that were abandoned or orphaned. She learned to build a relationship with the children and studied their behaviors. Hanna explained the how they would have the kids draw pictures and from these pictures they would be able to tell some type of trauma that the child had suffered. Some kids would draw houses without any people or they would draw just themselves. This would sometimes indicate that they grew up on the streets alone.

KrystalBella Murname-Victorelli

Professor Moldovan and KrystalBella Murname-Victorelli

This summer, KrystalBella Murname-Victorelli and LaChanda Moor, both Social Work majors will be visiting Moldova with Professor Moldovan. Murname-Victorelli said “this seems like a great opportunity that I didn’t want to pass up.”

Professor Moldovan also mentioned the reason why he choose Moldova to start this research is because it much easier to negotiate with the officials since it’s a small country. According to Professor Moldovan he hopes that this research project will eventually have York College implement a Social Work Graduate Program.  He said “this is the first genuine study abroad program at York College, we are trailblazing.”

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