First Annual Research Expo at NYU-Poly

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310WIn Downtown Brooklyn’s MetroTech Plaza, students and faculty members gathered for  Polytechnic Institute of New York University’s First Annual Research Expo. This event was open to the public, so anyone that was just walking by could come and check it out.  The displays included research projects and developments that would help with energy-efficient materials, health care projects, robotic devices and software applications.

This event was held on Monday, May 20th at the Innovation Square outside The Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology. There were different tables with displays such as underwater robots, this robot fish was a model of an actual fish; it was swimming around in a little tank.  Another robot could sense your movements and move according to you. Students also demonstrated how frogs would behave when they are placed in the same tank. There were charts and a monitor that showed the various behavior patterns in different animals.

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Martin, a student at NYU-Poly, demonstrated a gadget that he and his colleagues worked on, he said, “this is mainly for stroke patients that have lost feeling in their hands.”This was kind of like a video game, the patient can put their wrist through an opening and grasp a round object, then while looking at the monitor the patient can gently tilt their wrist to catch marbles that come rolling from opposite sides on the screen.

Another student Dominic; explained that he and his colleagues worked on creating a water powered generator. This was in a bucket filled with water and there were pipes, with the flip a switch it would start working. Dominic said “this is just a small model for now; we are working on something bigger.”

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